Thursday, August 13, 2009

August Newsletter

Recent CAKD Events
Central Arkansas Kappa Deltas got together for Dinner at US Pizza in North Little Rock on July 24th,, and also helped prepare 13 care packages for collegiate chapters of our active CAKD members on July 29th with a Mexican Fiesta at the Home of Angela Plymale. Care packages were sent to Zeta Gamma (University of Arkansas), Epsilon Chi (Baylor University), Beta Lambda (Georgetown College), Sigma Sigma (Iowa State University), Delta Omega (Mississippi State University), Nu (Oklahoma State University), Alpha Delta (Rhodes College), Gamma Kappa (University of Louisiana, Lafayette), Delta Zeta (University of Louisiana, Monroe), Alpha Mu (University of Mississippi), Epsilon Alpha (Missouri University of Science and Technology), Eta Epsilon (University of the South), and Zeta Psi (Valparaiso University). We hope our collegiate sisters enjoy their goodies, and we hope to expand our care package send off in the coming years. We’d love to hear your suggestions for chapter support, especially if you are a recent graduate. What do you think the chapters would enjoy getting from our alumnae chapter

Eta Sigma (UALR)

Keep these dates in mind for UALR recruitment –
Welcome Week - August 21-28, and Bid Day – September 27th at 2 p.m. Don’t forget to let us know if you would be willing to serve on CAB (contact Rachel or Louise Geib at When I hear more, I’ll send out a special edition of the CAKD-Newsletter. Hopefully sooner, rather than later!

Gamma Zeta (University of Arkansas)
Here are a few dates to keep in mind for Zeta Gamma –
Formal Recruitment: August 18-21st, Bid Day: August 22nd, 1st Degree: August 24th, 2nd Degree: September 29th, Initiation: October 1st, Homecoming: October 31st

GLRAP Reference Book
Thank you to the following sisters for their work on writing over 80 references from the Greater Little Rock Alumnae Reference Book: Cristina Easterling, Cherry Landfair, Acacia Stinnett, Jennifer Stanley, Karen Bernd, Kristi Callaway, Kelly Harbert, Katie McDonald, Larcie Burnett, Leslie Lee, Sarah Coppola-Jewell, Marcia Holder, Viki Keaton, and Rachel Lipsey. If you did not come to the July 29th event, please let Rachel know where she can send your reference writer gift.

Kudos to our KD sisters
Heather Schell (Zeta Psi-Valparaiso State) – Congratulations on your engagement to Jason Gwatney.

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