Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summer Events

We hope you can join us for some of CAKD's events this summer!

June 2010
9 – Happy hour at El Porton in WLR– 6:30pm
10 - Reference Meeting at Fletcher Library - 4-6 PM (come when / if you can)
11 – KD Playgroup – Little Rock Zoo – Meet at 9:45 AM (storytime at 10 AM at Carosel Pavillion)
22 – Arkansas Traveler’s Game - 7pm.  Meet at front gate.
29 - Reference Meeting at Fletcher Library - 5:30 - 7:30 PM (come when / if you can)

July 2010
9 – KD Playgroup – Wild River Country – 10am
14 – Movies in the Park – Over the Hedge. Happy hour at The Flying Saucer beforehand – 6:30pm
18 – Chapter Support and Reference Meeting
28 – Networking 101.1 with guest speaker Kathy Perez– noon-1pm – Little Rock Chamber of Commerce

August 2010
6 – KD Playgroup – Museum of Discovery – 10am
11 – Happy Hour at El Porton – 6:30pm

Thanks for Joining CAKD!

The following 28 sisters have renewed their pledge to Kappa Delta and have paid their 2010-2011 dues as of 5/30/2010. It's not too late to join -- just click here for the annual newsletter and membership form.

Amanda P.
Amy D.
Brittany C.
Cristina E.
Crystal S.
Dianna L.
Elizabeth T.
Grace P.
Jennifer S.
Jessica E.
Jessica H.
Karen H.
Kelly H.
Kristi C.
Leigha J.
Marcia H.
Mary Jo C.
Megan G.
Rachel L.
Sarah C.
Tammye H.

Dee S.
Glenda S.
Jane G.
Jean S.
Lindsey L.
Nancy L.
Ruth S.

References 2010

CAKD is entering reference season, and we need your help to gather information and write references on qualified potential new members. Each year we receive requests from collegiate chapters, local panhellenic associations, and individual potential members for references. Last year CAKD wrote over 130 references to 16 collegiate chapters.

CAKD will hold 3 separate reference meetings to organize and sort references: June 10th, June 29th, and July 18th (in conjunction with the annual Mexican Fiesta Chapter support meeting). If you can make the meetings, GREAT -- if not, we can still use your help! CAKD also is looking for reference writers. These sisters let us know if they are connected with area schools, churches, or community groups that PNMs might have been associated. Please send us an e-mail at centralarkansaskd@hotmail.com if you are willing to be a reference writer with area schools, churches, and community groups that you are connected.

Thank you for your help with references this year!

Angela Plymale
CAKD Reference Coordinator

Networking 101

By: Tricia Fredinburg Curreri

Our first Networking 101 session was a true power hour! After visiting over catered lunch from Olive Garden, we received invaluable information from certified business coach Marcia Cook with Pinnacle Performance Solutions. Marcia's session "Using Kappa Delta in Your Network" focused on why, where, and how to use networking to make you more successful not only in your business, but in your everyday life.

Did you know that referrals generate 80% more results than cold calling? And, approximately 60% of all new jobs and contacts are made through networking?

There are almost 350 Kappa Deltas in the local area. Imagine if you would engage with our common circle of friends on a professional and personnel level. Your networking circle(s) just grew tremendously! With active listening, an important networking skill, you could help other business colleagues, friends, and family fulfill their needs. According to Marcia, networking is learning about people, what they do, and how you can help them.

Networking is an important aspect in being successful in today's fast paced and challenging environment. It happens everywhere - community organizations, referral groups, faith communities, and online. Go one step further and add KAPPA DELTA to your repertoire for networking.

Marcia Cook was voted Best Business Consulting Firm in 2009 by Arkansas Business. She works with executives to facilitate communication, improve interpersonal skills, and achieve peak performance. For more information, please visit www.pinnacleperformancesolutions.net.

Rachel's Ramblings - 6/1/2010

Even though the calendar says summer doesn't start until June 21st, I'm pretty sure that Mother Nature thought we should get to summer just a few weeks early! I hope that you each enjoyed a wonderful Memorial day weekend, remembering the sacrifices of so many who have made our country free. As several people have mentioned this weekend, "Thank you" just doesn't seem to say enough to our military personnel and their families, but I know that it is the heart of so many grateful citizens.

As we enter the hopefully relaxing summer months, I hope that you will keep KD in mind. June, July and August have reference meetings, chapter support events, networking meetings, and just general summer-time fun that we would love for you to attend. Also, we currently have 28 paid members as of 5/30/2010 for 2010-2011. CAKD's goal is 75 members for 2010-2011, so we still need many of you to consider joining us to make this the best year EVER for CAKD. Please consider joining as a active ($40) or mailings ($25) member. You can find the membership form in the 2010 annual newsletter, posted here: http://tinyurl.com/2010ANL.

Stay Cool this summer!

In our KD,