Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Networking 101

By: Tricia Fredinburg Curreri

Our first Networking 101 session was a true power hour! After visiting over catered lunch from Olive Garden, we received invaluable information from certified business coach Marcia Cook with Pinnacle Performance Solutions. Marcia's session "Using Kappa Delta in Your Network" focused on why, where, and how to use networking to make you more successful not only in your business, but in your everyday life.

Did you know that referrals generate 80% more results than cold calling? And, approximately 60% of all new jobs and contacts are made through networking?

There are almost 350 Kappa Deltas in the local area. Imagine if you would engage with our common circle of friends on a professional and personnel level. Your networking circle(s) just grew tremendously! With active listening, an important networking skill, you could help other business colleagues, friends, and family fulfill their needs. According to Marcia, networking is learning about people, what they do, and how you can help them.

Networking is an important aspect in being successful in today's fast paced and challenging environment. It happens everywhere - community organizations, referral groups, faith communities, and online. Go one step further and add KAPPA DELTA to your repertoire for networking.

Marcia Cook was voted Best Business Consulting Firm in 2009 by Arkansas Business. She works with executives to facilitate communication, improve interpersonal skills, and achieve peak performance. For more information, please visit www.pinnacleperformancesolutions.net.

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