Tuesday, June 1, 2010

References 2010

CAKD is entering reference season, and we need your help to gather information and write references on qualified potential new members. Each year we receive requests from collegiate chapters, local panhellenic associations, and individual potential members for references. Last year CAKD wrote over 130 references to 16 collegiate chapters.

CAKD will hold 3 separate reference meetings to organize and sort references: June 10th, June 29th, and July 18th (in conjunction with the annual Mexican Fiesta Chapter support meeting). If you can make the meetings, GREAT -- if not, we can still use your help! CAKD also is looking for reference writers. These sisters let us know if they are connected with area schools, churches, or community groups that PNMs might have been associated. Please send us an e-mail at centralarkansaskd@hotmail.com if you are willing to be a reference writer with area schools, churches, and community groups that you are connected.

Thank you for your help with references this year!

Angela Plymale
CAKD Reference Coordinator

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